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Welcome to Littleviews

>>  Welcome to Littleviews, a website developed to help increase your joy of traveling.

Articles on Littleviews discuss travel experiences and tips on how to make traveling more interesting. Although this site was founded in 2000, it was redesigned in early 2015. Our sister site, www.LetsKickScoot.com, features articles and forums about riding adult kick scooters to enhance travel and commuting efficiency.

To comment on articles posted since the beginning of 2015, please visit www.Facebook.com/LittleviewsTravel. The links to specific articles are posted on each article.

Karen Little, founder of both sites, gives talks on travel and kick scooting and assists travelers who want to make their tours more meaningful and fun.

Questions? Ask me, Karen Little, at Karen@Littleviews.com

Most Recent 25 Articles on Littleviews

Curiosity and Travel: Creating Custom Tour Maps with MapQuest: Learn how to make a custom travel map, 1/26/15

Curiosity and Travel: Introduction: Learn how you can stimulate your curiosity when traveling, 1/23/15

Curiosity and Travel: Audio Tours: Learn about how to passively become acquainted with a new area, 1/23/15

Why Travel on Adult Kick Scooters: See a stunning video on kick scooter travel, 1/22/15

Curiosity and Travel: Travel Videos: Watch streaming travel videos on a large screen, 1/19/15

Scooter Mobility: Learn about using a mobility scooter on your next trip, 1/4/15

Creativity and Travel: Buying Souvenirs that Fit into Your Home: How to display the things you buy when traveling, 12/27/14

Creativity and Travel: Sketching from Photos: Sketch in your hotel room from your photos, 12/20/14

Creativity and Travel: Singing: Connect singing videos with lyrics, then sing along, 12/16/14

Creativity and Travel: Photo Subject Selection: Learn how to group photos, 12/12/14

Creativity and Travel: Crochet: Use your hands to increase travel pleasure, 12/10/14

Best Place to Buy Souvenirs in New York City - Macy's Herald Square: Visit Macy's Harald Square and the Garment District, 11/25/14

Selling Laser-Cut Pop-Up Cards on New York City's Streets: There is value on NYC's streets, 11/25/14

Drama Book Shop in New York City: Visit this interesting book store near NYC's theater district, 11/25/14

Creativity and Travel: Tablets and Phablets: How to prepare tablet computers and phablets before your trip, 11/18/14

Creativity and Travel: Introduction: Issues related to travel and your free time, 11/16/14

Visit Liberty Science Center in Liberty State Park: See the Statue of Liberty and learn how things work, 11/9/14

The Doors of Cooperstown - Wood Burning Art: Learn how Cooperstown scenes inspired art, 8/5/12

Tour New York City on a Folding Bike: See New York on a tiny bike, 6/2/12

Visit The Society of Illustrators in New York City: View great illustrations and learn drawing techniques, 11/11/11

Visit Seaside Heights' Boardwalk in New Jersey: You'll love the beach, games, and amusement parks at this shore city, 10/6/11

Visit Asbury Park and Ocean Grove on Wheels: Walking, biking, and kick scooting is easy on the area's level terrain, 10/6/11

Visit the Ventnor City and Atlantic City Boardwalk: Tour the entire boardwalk, 9/3/11

Walk (or Kick Scoot) Along New York's East River: Walk, kick scoot, or bike along the East River, 8/18/11

Resources for Cruising the Hudson River, the NY Harbor, and NY State: Consult this extensive list of marine resources, 8/17/11

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Why Travel on Adult Kick Scooters

Scooter Mobility: Review of Sit-on Mobility Scooters

Best Place to Buy Souvenirs in New York City - Macy's Herald Square

Selling Laser-Cut Pop-Up Cards on New York City's Streets

Drama Book Shop in New York City

Visit Liberty Science Center in Liberty State Park

The Doors of Cooperstown - Wood Burning Art

Tour New York City on a Folding Bike

Create Custom Travel Maps

Travel Curiosity Introduction

Audio Tours

Video Tours

Travel Curiosity Introduction

Travel Creativity Introduction

Tablets and Phablets


Photo Subject Selection


Sketching from Photos

Buying Souvenirs that Fit into Your Home

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List of New York Chocolate and Candy Shops

List of New York Bookstores

Group Running, Walking, and Biking Events

List of Event Resources

New York Hotel Rate Calculator and Gratuity Index

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