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Paul's Burgers in East Village Is Entertaining and Great Tasting

[ NEW YORK, NY - NYC - 7/20/2007 - www.Littleviews.com ]

Paul's Burgers in East Village, New York CityWhen I decide whether a meal is worth eating, I first evaluate the decor and then, more often than not, the burgers. Why? Well, in order to rate my rave, I first and foremost want my dining environment to entertain me. Next, I check out the food. Frankly, if a restaurant can regularly prepare a perfect, soft, rare-to-medium-rare burger, it probably can do a host of other things right, too.

Paul's Burgers is, indeed, entertaining. I spoke with the owner, Paul, who said this restaurant is the fulfillment of a dream to create an amusing establishment. As such, it is filled with toys, gadgets, and miscellaneous stuff. The restaurant, like many in New York, is a narrow-building wide. Features in its somewhat dark interior include a tin ceiling, hanging tin-toys, a train (currently at the station), 1920-era posters, bygone ads, and old-fashioned, checked tablecloths. Sports are well represented as are a few naughty phrases pressed in tin.

So let's talk burgers. I've eaten here several times and all my burgers have been consistently prepared, hand-packed, and at least 1" thick. A nice, soft, juicy burger, fresh tomatoes, and a load of steaming fries currently costs just $7.10; $4.40 for the half-pound burger alone. At least 20 burger combinations are available!

The restaurant is across the street from the Orpheum Theater, home of Stomp, and is near to Enzs, a tiny boutique selling handmade, designer clothing at affordable prices. It is also around the corner from St. Marks Place. (For a partial East Village tour, walk east on St. Marks Place to Thompkins Square, then go one block north to 9th and return.) Paul's Burgers is at 131 2nd Avenue, East Village, New York.

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Karen Little

Article and photo by Karen Little. First published on 7/20/2007. All rights reserved by www.Littleviews.com.

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