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Winter Road Trip - Kick Scooting in San Antonio

[ NEW YORK, NY - NYC - 1/27/2011 - www.Littleviews.com ]

The following articles were initially a part of blog related to a road trip that took place between December 17, 2010 and January 2, 2011.
Winter Road Trip from Racine to Little Rock

Kick Scooting in San Antonio

Kick Scooting in New Orleans

Scooting through San Antonio

DECEMBER 23, 2010: I seek beautiful things – landscapes, architecture, arts, crafts – whether on vacation or not, but especially when on vacation. I’ve been surprised, then, to learn about seasonal beauty. This is the first year that I’ve traveled in the winter and never realized how the lack of bright, green grass, trees, and other symbols of growth affected me.

At home, in my warm, comfy New Jersey house, everything seems wonderful. Outside, unfortunately, the scenery is brown when not covered by snow, and because I live in this atmosphere, I don't pay attention to it. What I didn’t realize is that brown permeates southern landscapes with no let-up until spring. Obviously, this dulls sightseeing. Viewing unending, winter brownscapes, of course, is a good vacation tradeoff for not freezing your butt off when you stroll outside. And it's great for winter scooting!

San Antonio’s River Walk in December – 2010

San Antonio’s River Walk, which is known for its lush landscape, is an exception to southern winter brown. Its winding paths along the San Antonio River are kept alive by fresh plants and enough color to remind you that spring will return. Best, it’s warm.

Of course, River Walk is known for its sidewalks which, combined with stunning landscaping, is a kick scooterer’s dream. The only caution is that you must live the dream before 10:30AM, when this popular attraction comes alive.

Karen Little on a Kickboard Original in San Antonio – Dec. 2010

For better or worse, I attempted to scoot my way through River Walk in mid-afternoon, after a heavy Mexican dinner. Fortunately, I did experience long patches of scooting space. I traveled with pedestrian companions, however, so needed to tone down my speed. For the most part, I walked.

That said, I did cover more ground and did so more comfortably than just walking. If I had another day in the area, I wouldn’t hesitate to return at 8:30AM to tour the area. The Original Kickboard (the 3-wheeler) continues to be ideal scooter for use in a crowded area. It stands on its own without much fooling around, allowing me to take pictures at will. It’s also very stable at slow speeds, and when folded, rolls nicely next to me.

Mariachi Singers at the famous Café y Panaderia – Dec. 2010

What to Do in San Antonio

San Antonio's River Walk is the perfect area for people who love to see and experience stunning, man-made landscapes. If you enjoy gardens of any type, this is the place to be. Created in the mid-1940s, it pays tribute to New York’s Central Park, but far exceeds it.

When visiting, consider taking photos (or at least, making note) of its waterfalls. There are many, with no two are alike. In the winter, pay attention to pools of color, such as reflections in the river and tropical plants that dot its sides (in spring and summer, the area is filled with flowers). Sit, meditate, and/or sketch in any of its rest areas. Drink and dine, of course, at riverfront cafes, while watching ducks put on a show.

Tourist guides point out special sights, as do river cruises and tourist buses. Take the time to step away from River Walk proper to visit San Antonio’s Historic Market Square. What makes this area special is that it features the arts and crafts of Mexico and not Mexican-style objects that are made in China. Lively and beautiful, you’ll find painted plates, pottery, leather goods, blankets, rugs, hand-stitched clothing, and colorful objects made out of paper.

Make a point of eating at the Café y Panaderia. During our recent visit, portions of Market Square were being renovated, so we couldn’t dine on its porch, but no matter! We grabbed a table inside and were treated to a visual feast of pageant colors, murals, and traditionally-dressed mariachi musicians.

Alas, on this trip, we were only able to stay one day. There is much more to see, but during our eight hours, we covered a lot!

. . . read about the next leg of our journey on Kick Scooting in New Orleans.

Questions? Just ask!
Karen Little

The following articles were initially a part of blog related to a road trip that took place between December 17, 2010 and January 2, 2011.
Winter Road Trip from Racine to Little Rock

Kick Scooting in San Antonio

Kick Scooting in New Orleans

Article and photographs by Karen Little. First published on www.Littleviews.com on 1/27/2011. All rights reserved.

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