Creativity and the love of pets is at the heart of Littleviews and it’s owner, me (Karen Little).

This website (Littleviews) features some of Karen Little’s earlier sketches, and tutorials.

Our marketing site, Sketch-Views.com, features our full design inventory, plus our Happiness Blog and Pet Portrait Gallery. Please visit Sketch-Views.com for current information!

As Dog Illustration Headquarters, we are the #1 Shopping Destination for dog illustrations, posters, and wearables! Do you love pups? Well, tune into our Dog’s Blog by Karen Little on Sketch-Views.com to hear them speak!

Dog's Blog by Karen Little - here our dogs speak!

We license our designs to Redbubble, who print them on a variety of items, like mugs, Tshirts, and notebooks. To see all of our designs, please click our Catalog tab, or click HERE to go directly to our marketing site, Sketch-Views.com.

Please contact Karen Little at Manager@Sketch-Views.com for custom illustrations and pet portraits, or visit Sketch-Views.com for more information.