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Action Sketching: Sports sketchers unite!

Sketching with other people promotes fan spirit that goes beyond shouting praises for a goal or curses for a fumble. Even though each person in the group might see things differently, looking at everyone’s work in progress brings more information to the event.

An international organization, called “The Urban Sketchers,” brings people together for no other reason than to sketch and maybe catch a few beers when done. Soccer also brings people together and provides the perfect atmosphere in which to sketch, have beers, and yell their heads off.

Unlike urban sketching, which largely targets buildings and landscapes, soccer players provide moving targets that you can only see in your imagination. Because so much has to be imagined, learning more about what you see through photos and videos sharpens the mind’s eye.

Sharing your pictures with the team is usually welcome, with some pictures being good enough to bestow as gifts. Usually, the people being depicted enjoy the attention.

Hopefully by 2020, we, at Soccer-Views, will have figured out how you can submit your own sketches for display here and if we especially like what we see, your sketch might be chosen as “winner of the month” for a free tee shirt!