Early November 2021 – Littleviews Dog Illustrations

These are the dog-related illustrations created during first part of November, 2021, and there are more to come! To see the complete catalog, go to our marketing site, Sketch-Views and Click HERE.

Dog Days Are Good Days by Karen Little of Littleviews

The expression “Dog Days” refers to really hot August weather when it is just too hot to do anything, but we all know that dog days are really good days, especially with our Good Boys and Good Girls! For more information and products, click HERE.

My Babies Are My Dogs illustration and meme by Karen Little of Littleviews

This cute terrier is owned by a friend of mine who does, indeed, think of him as her baby. And, she is not alone in loving her pet like her own kids. If you feel that way, or have friends and relatives who do, check out reasonably priced gifts featuring this illustration by clicking HERE.

Waggle Tail Society illustration with dog by Karen Little of Littleviews

Every dog lover belongs to the “Waggle Tail Society.” What is not happier than one or more dogs bouncing up to you with joy in every step! This illustration makes a fun all occasion card or maybe a gift to those whose homes are full of tail wagglers! For more information on how this illustration can be used, click HERE.


I need a hug! Picture of resting dog who really needs one, by Karen Little of littleviews.Well, we all need a hug. Wear a Tshirt with this guy printed on it and I’m sure you’ll get one! For more items with this illustration, click HERE."Sucker for Puppy Eyes," a puppy poster by Karen Little of Littleviews

And I am sure that we are all suckers for puppy eyes! And this little guy looks right at you! For more information about this illustration, click HERE.

All you need is love! is a poster with two French Bulldogs by KarenLittle

All we do need is love, and the French know all about this, as do the two Frenchies pictured here. To see them illustrated on products, click HEREHugs Always Welcome! is a poster of a puppy by Karen Little of LittleviewsAnd yes, for many (but not all) of us, hugs are always welcome for humans or pets! If you’d like to solicit more hugs in your life, this is the illustration to have printed on a Tshirt, among many things. To see it printed on products, click HERE.

Follow your dog with this poster, "I am a follower" by Karen Little of LittleviewsDog owners are certainly followers with their pups leading the parade! This illustration makes the point and is printed on a number of items sure to tickle you or the recipient of your gift! To see it printed on products, click HERE.
Two Golden Retrievers sit at either end of a rainbow by Karen Little of Littleviews.You have probably heard the saying “There’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow,” but in this case, the pot is of Golden Retrievers. An original illustration by Karen Little is sure to delight Golden owners who know, for a fact, that this meme is true! To see it printed on products, click HERE.
Kindness counts as this poster of a golden rainbow shows by Karen Little of Littleviews.And  whether  or  not you have a dog, Kindness Counts! To see it printed on products, click HERE.

German Shepherd sitting under the title, The dog is my Shepherd! by Karen Little of Littleviews.“The Dog is my Shepherd” and you shall not want for any other breed (ok, maybe, but basically, you love German Shepherds). To see it printed on products, click HERE.

NOTE: New illustrations will continued be added upon completion of the first part of November!


Thank you for viewing! If you have any questions about our “Dog Illustration Headquarters,” contact me (Karen) at Manager@Sketch-Views.com or visit Sketch-Views.com, our marketing site.

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Butterfly illustration by Karen Little