Early October 2021 – Littleviews Dog Illustrations

Our dog designs are meant to be printed on all sorts of consumer goods, such as coffee mugs, aprons, Tshirts, coasters, and more. The statement on the design usually refers to the owner of a dog and what that person wants to tell the world about it. Go to our Redbubble site to see how they are depicted.

I Carry Treats Illustration by Karen Little of LittleviewsIn our illustration, “I Carry Treats,” the person who wears this design does carry dog treats and dogs love him or her for it! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.Coffee, Sofa and My Dog illustration by Karen Little of LittleviewsAnd when you are home with your dog or dogs, what is better than everyone cuddling on a sofa or big chair, comfortable with a mug of coffee and ready to take a nap? “Coffee, Sofa, & My Dog” says it all! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.


I Love Corgis illustration by Karen Little of Littleviews Some illustrations do not require words to convey meaning. This cute little Corgi surrounded by read hearts looks wordlessly straight into your eyes. I am quite sure he’s expecting head pats! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.Kindness Counts illustration by Karen Little of LittleviewsThis illustration, “Kindness Counts,” is not specifically about dogs, but is specifically about life in general. This design can be printed on any light colored background or black. For prints and other stuff, click HERE.


Ask About My Puppies illustration by Karen LittleThere are two types of people who encourage others to “Ask About My Puppies.” They are those who own a mother dog who just gave birth and those who have just adopted one more more new puppies! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.Frenchie Kissing illustration by Karen Little of LittleviewsFrenchie owners know all about “Frenchie Kissing.” If you or a friend owns a French Bulldog with up-standing, perky ears, you know what Frenchie snuggles are all about! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.Run With a Golden Retriever illustration by Karen Little of LittleviewsOne of the most popular dog breeds around is the Golden Retriever and if you own one, you definitely do “Run With Gold.” Golden Retrievers don’t stroll, in fact, they are always running or nudging you to do so with them! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.Doxie Fur illustration by Karen Little of LittleviewsDoxies (Dachshunds) come in one of two varieties; those with long or short hair. If you (or a friend) happens to own the long-haired type, you know that if you pet your Doxie, you better have a fur brush at hand! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.


Thank you for viewing! If you have any questions about our “Dog Illustration Headquarters,” contact me (Karen) at Manager@Sketch-Views.com or visit Sketch-Views.com, our marketing site.

Note that all illustrations are protected by our Littleviews copyright. If you want to use one seen here in your website or article, contact us for permission. Otherwise, these designs must not be used for resale under any other name or organization.

Butterfly illustration by Karen Little