Late October 2021 – Littleviews Dog Illustrations

After adding two more dog illustration memes to our catalog (“Professional Belly Rub Therapist”and “Love Matters”) I started thinking about the holiday season and how dogs might play a visual part of it.

Our new Happy Pup dog illustration has been designed to make holiday and seasonal celebrations happier, but will waggle his tale for any special occasion.

Professional Belly Rub Therapist, an illustration by Karen LittleAll of our extended family’s dogs love belly rubs and, in fact, invite them from complete strangers. Which lead me to thinking there are a lot of professional dog belly rubbers out there! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.

Love Matters with a Dog, an illustration by Karen LittleYes, love does matter. We can see it in our faces and most certainly in our pets faces when they appreciate our care, devotion, and, of course, belly rubs. For prints and other stuff, click HERE.



Season's Greetings with Happy Puppy by Karen LittleHappy Puppy was introduced with this Season’s Greetings illustration. Look closely at the type I used for the lettering as it is cute and really imaginative. For prints and other stuff, click HERE.


This is the second of two Happy Puppy illustrations I created with Poinsettias. The original has a “Happy Holiday’s Banner.” For more information, visit my Redbubble site.


Love’s Greetings can be used for any special occasion where gifts are exchanged. These gifts, of course, are being guarded by nonother than Happy Puppy! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.


Snowman and Happy Puppy, by Karen LittleOf course, what would the winter season be without a snowman illustration (whether or not you have snow in your yard) and our Happy Puppy! For prints and other stuff, click HERE.

Of course, no matter what happens over the holidays, dogs do do the Zoomies, rushing around the place in exciting circles. Here we have for Dalmatians zooming around for this “Zoomie Mom” illustration. For prints and other stuff, click HERE.


Thank you for viewing! If you have any questions about our “Dog Illustration Headquarters,” contact me (Karen) at or visit, our marketing site.

Note that all illustrations are protected by our Littleviews copyright. If you want to use one seen here in your website or article, contact us for permission. Otherwise, these designs must not be used for resale under any other name or organization.

Butterfly illustration by Karen Little