Dog Project, Round 1

Like with my other pet projects (Doxie, Kitty, and now Dog), I sketch at least one pet daily, then post it online when done.

I started my Dog Project at the beginning of May 2020 and have been building upon it ever since. The latest sketch immediately follows this text.

The images start out as pencil sketches. Next, they are painted with watercolors and key lined with pen. Finally, are brought into Photoshop where they are finished. Among adjustments, Photoshop allows me to separate the subject from the initial background, but not all sketches are finished that way.

NOTE: As of July 29, 2020, I will be starting a new page, “Dog Project, Round 2” to fill up in August!

Happy pup in his forever home!


Bertie – a Sketch-Views Mascot

Lili – a Sketch-Views Mascot


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