Wholesale Cord Necklaces

I (Karen Little, publisher of Littleviews and Littleviews-Crafts) design fabric-covered pendants and handmade necklace cords sold wholesale.

All fabric used in my work, as seen below, is cotton.

Before cutting, the cotton is washed in a mild detergent, hung to dry, then ironed.

After the material is prepared, it is cut into strips for cords.

The strips are then sewn and stuffed with pure cotton corded batting.

The result of the cord-making process is a pile of vibrantly colored cord from which my necklaces are made.

The material used for my fabric-covered pendants, however, is cut into circles, then layered on forms. When finished, they are mounted on colored backgrounds I affix to bezels.

The idea behind the collection is that the necklace cords and pendants are interchangeable. For single cords, all end-caps are small enough to fit through bezels for my entire premium pendant line, which includes imported gemstones set in ethnic 925 Stirling and plated silver.

In addition to single-cord necklaces, I make custom necklaces tailored to client needs.

All design and fabric construction is done in Weehawken, New Jersey. Metal jewelry findings and mounted gemstones are from other sources.

Should you like to order custom necklaces, here are the styles we offer with the cords of your choosing.

For more information about wholesale opportunities, contact me, Karen Little, at Karen@Littleviews.com and sign up for our newsletter and receive a pendant!