How to Tie a Scarf Securely

In our 2.5 minute “How to Secure a Scarf” tutorial, we demonstrate how to tie scarves so they won’t come undone.

It’s important to know how to tie a scarf so it looks stylish on your head or around your neck. If, however, your scarf shifts and the knots become undone, it loses its appeal.

When you tie a scarf on your head, your natural hair, or your braids, you need to know that your scarf is secure and it won’t move around. When you properly secure your scarf, like we show you in this video, you feel confident all day long while wearing it.

The secret to how to secure a scarf is using hair-care bands, often called Pony Tail bands. These are small, round, elastic bands that are practically invisible when holding scarf ends in place. The products we worked with are:

  • Scunci Medium Hold bands
  • Scunci Gentle Hold bands
  • Scunci Girl No Damage Polyband Elastics
  • Super Stretch Rubber Bands
  • Walgreen’s Large Poly Bands

The best bands for silky scarves are the last three in the above list, with poly bands being particularly nice because they are invisible. Poly bands are available from a number of hair control lines, including Scunci.

While it is important to know how to tie a scarf, when you first secure a scarf with an elastic band, as demonstrated in this video tutorial, your arrangement will stay in place, your scarf knots will not come undone, and your scarf’s draping will be beautiful.


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