The No-Recipe Guide to Plant-Based Eating, Chapters 1, 2, and 3

The No-Recipe Guide to Plant-Based Eating by Karen Little is written for people who are converting their eating habits from the Western-style, loaded with meat, cheese, dairy products and fats, to healthier, plant-based meals.

Published here are the first three of 7 chapters in PDF form, as follows:

Chapter 1, “The Plant-Based Diet” summarizes the movement.

The No-Recipe Guide to Plant-Based Eating, Ch 1

Cartoon of woman holding pots“I wrote this book to help people easily adopt whole-food, plant-based dietary habits. It was not written to convert anyone to this lifestyle, provide concrete rules, or take a stand for its health benefits, although I believe there are many.

“It’s my purpose to help you successfully make the transition from Western-style eating that includes foods soaked in saturated fat, salt, sugar, and empty calories to one that reduces or eliminates many foods that have been fattening us up and reducing the quality of our health.”


Chapter 2, “Grocery Shopping” discusses the differences between grocery outlets and the benefits of each type of shop for plant-based eaters.

No-Recipe Guide to Plant-Based Eating – Ch 2

“The dirty little secret of a plant-based diet is that any plant-based food you buy can be combined with any other to make a tasty meal, hot, warm, or cold.

“Cold salads can be mixed with anything and become especially tasty under some type of dressing, from lemon juice or vinegar to dressings mixed with spices and herbs. Recipes are not required to throw foods together, although recipes are useful when you want to explore new tastes.

“Hot or warm plant-based foods are also the result of mixing any edible plant with any other edible plant. Do mashed potatoes mixed with raspberries sound tasty? Well, they are. How about chopped apples in soup? The only combination limits are those you cannot dream up.”


Chapter 3, “Utensils and Equipment” recommends kitchen equipment that bests serves plant preparation.

No-Recipe Guide to Plant-Based Eating – Ch 3

“Do you know how to cook? Have lots of equipment? Then skip this chapter. If not, or you are curious, the suggestions that follow highlight tools that are especially useful for plant-based meal preparation and why.”


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